Hierarchical organization and self-organization


Hierarchical organization and self-organization

Eva Busseniers (University of Gent)



In this seminar, we look at the difference between hierarchical organization and self-organization. Organization is a structure with function. First, we try to define hierarchy on the structure. We do this by using graph theory. Next, we look at the function of an organization, how a common goal or global pattern is set and reached. We use some existing theory about self-organization here. Finally, we investigate how these two approaches agree.


Background Papers:

1. Self-organization in Communicating Groups:
the emergence of coordination, shared references and collective intelligence
- Francis Heylighen

2. Scale-free and hierarchical structures in complex networks - Albert-László Barabási, Zoltán Dezsö, Erzsébet Ravasz, Soon-Hyung Yook and Zoltán Oltvai


Lecture slides:



The speaker:

Eva Busseniers studied mathematics at the university of Ghent, and is just graduated as a Master in Pure Mathematics."