The idealists: A better world through ideas


The Idealists -- A better world through ideas

Mareno de Kort


The internet has connected all our minds and now that we share almost all of our knowledge we progress faster than ever.  
However our best piece of knowledge, our million dollar ideas, are not shared.
I have always believed that every person has one such golden idea and I've found everyone cherishes thie idea as their most prized possession.  Their ticket out of their current life.  Their own personal lottery ticket.
It's the one thing they never share, not even with their best friends, afraid that someone will steal it and take away their key to a better life.
However, because most people don't have the means, talent, drive or most importantly the guts to bring their golden idea to life as an entrepreneur these ideas are literally taken to the grave.  
At this very moment there are still roughly 7 billion golden ideas around.  Ideas that could change our world, our future and every year only a few million are brought to life by people who actually start up a company and this is what I am here to change.
We will do this by founding the first real ideas-factory.
A superincubator where to people can safetly send their golden idea and after we have thoroughly checked and validated it we are going to actually build a company for the idea.
Over the last 2 years I have perfected the blueprint for The Idealists, by reading every possible scientific paper and book on idea-selection and how to most successfully grow companies from start-up to grow-up.
Next to that I've joined an incubator with one of my companies and perfected every possible step in The Idealists process with experts such as a patent and IP expert, subsidy experts, design experts, etc.  And I think that the ideas and reserach you have developed at the Global Brain Institute and VUB could be the missing piece to complete the puzzle that is our blueprint and we would love to be a practical test ground for most of your ideas!
Short Bio:
I've helped set-up and run over 500 hairsalons worldwide and built a sneaker company and a rating & dating-app from scratch.
In the coming years I want to, next to turning Yes Salons into a global brand and turn IllUMI and Attractiv into a global hypes change the wrold for the better with The Idealists.
I'm just a person that is incredibly creative but at the same time extremely goal driven.  I'm an optimist that never gives up and because I'm always full of ideas find ways even when there are none.  I work extremely hard, but to me it doesn't feel like work.  It's a way of life.
I believe in decentralization and cell-division and am an apt believer of giving people all the tools and insights and getting out of their way in order to have them excel.
I want to put right what is wrong in the world and believe that ideas are the key to getting this done.  I am not against capitalism and individualism, but believe that we are currently venturing beyond the limits of both and that it's now time for an idea-revolution (where we bring all dormant ideas that make lives better and the world more fair to life and to attention and thus together make the world a better place through all of our ideas).