Seminars 2008-2009


Program of the 5th  ECCO seminar series, held in the academic year 2008-2009

Date Speakers Topic
13 Oct.

Workshop presenters:

Francis Heylighen

Nagarjuna G.

John Stewart 

John Smart

International Workshop: Future Evolution of Mind and Universe

An Introduction to the ECCO Theme, and its Implications for Future Development

Constructing a World out of Nodes and Links: Structure and Dynamics of Knowledge

The Future Psychological Evolution of Humanity

Evo Devo Universe? A Framework for Speculations on Cosmic Culture

17 Oct. Mixel Kiemen Christensen's disruptive innovation
3 Dec. Francis Heylighen  (2C117A)  Complexity for Entrepreneurship
12 Dec. Mixel Kiemen  (10.30am) The emergence of science and technology
15 Jan. Fred Spier (in CLEA, top floor) Big History and the Future: Complexity, Energy and Goldilocks Circumstances(PPT)
26 Feb.

Marc Goldchstein 

Entrepreneurship and industry dynamics (PPT, 85mb)
5 Mar.

Marc Goldchstein 

Entrepreneurship and project related aspects, including teams and leadership. (PPT, 16mb)

5-6 May

Workshop presenters:

Laurent Nottale

Jean Chaline

Pierre Grou 

Laurent Nottale

Workshop on Scale Relativity: Universe, Life, Societies.

Introduction to Scale Relativity

Is the Life Tree Fractal?

Acceleration in Human Societies

Fractal Structures in Nature

25 June Victor J. Stenger

1) Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for life? (PDF)

2) Quantum Gods. Creation, Chaos, and the Search for Cosmic Consciousness. (PDF)

(8pm, Building Y, in collaboration with UPVSKEPP & Oudstudentenbond, VUB.)