Seminar Jon Echanove


Leadership and Human Experience


ECCO Seminar: 29 Oct. 2009

Jon Echanove (EASE)




In the last 20 years a new society structure is emerging; global, interconnected and informational. Its immediate future shape is beyond our knowledge today.

How are organizations and leaders experiencing this new society? The new economic environment is characterised for high levels of uncertainty and unpredictability, emptying the efficacy of the classical management tools and challenging the traditional understanding of organizations and leadership principles.

Evolutionary economists have pointed out the need to generate internal diversity in order to increase the chances for survival. With that in mind management science has turn its eyes towards human beings as the ultimate driver for success of organizations. However, structures and managers are still far away from enabling the necessary freedom to explore in order to stimulate the internal diversity and creativity. What is making it so hard?

In order to enable the discovery, it is probably time to abandon the search for the fundamental and absolute laws of management that detach themselves from the actual human beings experience. New leadership principles are needed based in an open-experience of approaching the world that enables a permanent focus on the unexpected, the unsaid, the unplanned and the so called anomalies amongst people and processes.