Corina Ciechanow

Crowdsourcing is literally ‘outsourcing tasks to a crowd’. Although this could be done before, it is the widespread availability of high speed internet connectivity that has enabled us to reach millions of people, making crowdsourcing a practical and economically attractive option.  Anybody with an Internet connection can access a web-based crowd or community, and post a request to it.  I will describe the characteristics of crowdsourcing, its economical aspects, and present for discussion the impact Internet connectivity has in our society. What can the evolutionary approach teach us about our future?


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The Speaker

Corina Ciechanow has a MS in Computer Science.  Owner of Waterloo Hills, she is currently managing the project to renew the passenger information system in all train stations for the SNCB/NMBS.  She has co-founded the Machine Learning research group at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina while working for UNDP, World Bank and other organizations to help economic development through IT.   She writes about machine learning, data privacy and its impacts in our society at