The Global Brain Facilitates Human Biological Immortality


The Global Brain Facilitates Human Biological Immortality

Marios Kyriazis (British Longevity Society)



The Global Brain represents the highest order of self-organised intelligent complexity hitherto achieved by nature. This has enormous consequences for the biological evolution of humans whose lifespan is, at present, extremely limited by constrains defined by Darwinian forces. I will argue that those who purposefully engage in an active manner with the physical and virtual structures of the Global Brain will inevitably experience a progressive increase in their lifespan, reaching a situation whereby their rate of mortality as a function of age will tend to zero. This situation is Human Biological Immortality.  Our intelligent presence within the Global Brain is demarcated by a new evolutionary replicator, the noeme. Those who purposefully reinforce it, will be subjected to positive natural influences that promote its survival. In addition, those who significantly engage with an enriched digital environment, increase their exposure to cognitive challenges, which act via hormesis and biological amplification in order to influence basic biological processes that afford increased longevity.


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