The poietic generator: A net experience for cognitive research


The poietic generator: A net experience for cognitive research

Olivier Auber Former research engineer, Telecom ParisTech


To what extent do networks, interfaces and visualization systems transform non-instrumental human behavior, including crowd phenomena? The poietic generator is an experimental network designed to artificially create a large human crowd. It not only allows everyone to interact with all the others in real time (via the web or mobile phone), but also to continuously observe the result of this interaction in the form of a global picture. Unlike most current interaction systems (typically those offered by Web 2.0 technologies) where the global social graph remains inaccessible for commercial reasons, here everything is known or knowable, in particular for scientific research. The computability of the temporal dynamics which is observed in poietic experiments will be discussed with the help of simplicity theory (as introduced in the previous seminar by J-L. Dessalles). Other proposals for experiments or conjectures will be welcome.


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