Technological Singularity and the Big Historical Worldview


Technological Singularity in the Big Historical Worldview

Cadell Last


The philosophy of cosmic evolution provides a worldview for thinking about the human position and relationship to universal processual dynamics.  This evolutionary process is conceptualized as a network of relations with a specific astrophysical singularity origin as the first cause in a progressive complexification of organization from sub-atomic particles to human civilization.  Throughout this complexification of organization key physical events are identified as representing qualitative phase transitions where new relations form emergent integrated ordered wholes.  The hypothesized/anticipated next stage of cosmic evolutionary imminence is often described by futurists as a technological singularity where complex organization generated by scientific knowledge in the form of artificial general intelligence and distributed digital networks create an integrated ordered whole beyond any previous known level of complexity.  This paper does not challenge this hypothesis/anticipation but rather seeks to “re-frame” the human position and relationship to such processes by focusing analysis on the internal-subjective-conscious ideational landscape of human mind.