Seminars 2017-2018

  Program of the 14th ECCO/GBI Seminar Series (2017-2018)


First series (autumn):

Date Room Speaker Topic
Oct. 13 D.1.07

 Clement Vidal

 Cadell Last

 Are we cosmically (in)significant?

 Technological Singularity and the Big Historical Worldview

Oct. 20 D.1.07  Li Xiubo  The practical reasoning of complex engineering systems design
Oct. 27 D.1.07  cancelled  cancelled
Nov. 3 D.1.07  Petter Törnberg  The social complexity of digital data
Nov. 10 D.1.07  Atanu Chatterjee  Non-equilibrium thermodynamics from First Principles
Nov. 17 PL5.5.61  Katarina Petrovic  On cosmogony: approaching the unknowable origin
Nov. 24 D.1.07  Paul B. Rainey  Ecological scaffolding and the origins of multicellular life
Dec. 1 D.1.07

 Francis Heylighen

Dec. 8 D.1.07  Francois Taddei  Towards a learning planet

Dec. 15


 Mareno de Kort 

 The idealists: developing an idea factory






















Second series (spring):

Date Room Speaker Topic
April. 20 D.1.07

 Jonito Aerts

 Art and Science: Exploring the Interface between Image and Spectator

April 27 D.1.07  Sergio Rubin  Steps to the Mind of Gaia
June 8 D.1.07  Dirk Bruin  A Memetic View on the Firm (Update)
June 15 D.1.07


 Inês Rebanda Coelho


June 22 D.1.07  Robrecht De Schreye  Avoidance and Struggle, our attitude towards death

June 29


Katarina Petrovic & Francis Heylighen

 ArtScience: the meeting of art and science (discussion)