The CLEA ArtScience Research Program

Head: Katarina Petrović


Members and their research topics:

Katarina Petrović: Cosmograms and cosmogony in art. Creative processes as systemic foundation of arts, sciences and humanities

Prof. Dr. Francis Heylighen: Sense-making, conceptual metaphors and metaphorms as as common basis for art and science
Olivier Auber: The poietic generator: self-organization and disorganization in a collective drawing systemJonito Arguelles: Entanglement of Images
Orion Maxted: Theatre: Collective intelligence and complex adaptive systems made of people
Stan Bundervoet:  Music and ritual theory: interaction between symbolic, sub symbolic and intersubjective cognitive processes
Dr. Tomas Veloz: Parallels between the evolution of music and of science
Dr. Shima Beigi

Prof. Dr. Pieter Meurs:

Dr. Nicole Note : On the importance of being touched in meaning-making