Conference funding

How can I get funding for congresses?

The general rule at the VUB is that researchers are entitled to get financial support for presenting a paper at one conference abroad per year.

  • for travel (only within Europe for PhD students, also outside Europe for researchers with a Phd), you can apply for funding at the FWO, at least 3 months before the start of the conference (more info and application forms).
  • for accommodation and registration, you can apply in parallel for funding at the VUB-OZR (download application form, more info at R&D department: tel. 02 629 21 08)).

For both applications, you need to include proof that your conference paper has been accepted for presentation by the conference committee. For the FWO, you moreover need to have at least one international publication prior to the conference.

If you want to go to more than one conference abroad in a given year, you should look for other financial support. The same applies if you want to participate in a conference without presenting a paper. Extra support may be available on one of the projects for which ECCO receives funding, but since our funding is limited this is far from obvious.

For conferences within Belgium (e.g. at the VUB), you normally won't have significant travel or accommodation expenses, and it is often possible to avoid registration fees if you know the organizers. Otherwise, ECCO funding may be available for that.

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