Joining ECCO

We regularly get inquiries from all over the world from people who would like to join the ECCO research group, most often in order to make a PhD here, or do a PostDoc stay. However, since our group is growing quickly while our funding and infrastructure is limited, we need to be very selective in the people we accept.

There are different possibilities for joining or collaborating with us, from more to less involved. As a general rule, the more support you expect from us (e.g. supervision and funding to make a PhD), the more we will demand from you before accepting your application. If you don't need much, e.g. because you already work in a research group or are autonomously funded, you may be able to join as an "affiliate". The conditions are that your research fits in clearly with our overall philosophy, is of high quality, and you are motivated to collaborate with us on various projects.

The following frequently asked questions summarize the different options for collaborating with ECCO.