Using the Website

 This page is intended to become a short help file or manual for efficiently using the ECCO website, and will accumulate content as we collect and develop guidelines.


Using the WYSISWYG editor

Registered users of the site, by clicking on the "edit" tab on top of the page, are able to add or correct the text of pages. The editable text shows up in an editing window that provides a "what you see is what you get" formatting, so that you can immediately see the result of your edits as they will appear on the page for everyone to see. The icons on top of the window are mostly self-explanatory (move your mouse over the icon to see its function).For more info see the FCKeditor users guide. Note that the editor sometimes does not correctly in Safari for Mac: better use Firefox in this case.

For often used functions, you can use a keyboard shortcut, such as CONTROL-B for making the selected text bold. Below is the full list of shortcuts.

  • CTRL+A highlights the whole editing area
  • CTRL+B changes your font to bold.
  • CTRL+C copies the highlighted area to the clipboard.
  • CTRL+I changes your font to italic.
  • CTRL+L opens the Link window.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+S saves the document.
  • CTRL+U changes your font to underlined.
  • CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT pastes the data from the clipboard
  • CTRL+X or SHIFT+DELETE cuts the highlighted area.
  • CTRL+Y or CTRL+SHITF+Z starts the redo function.
  • CTRL+Z starts the undo function.
  • CTRL+ALT+ENTER fits the editor in the browsers window.
  • CTRL+TAB shows the source code (for advanced users).